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Come along as we explore the academic and professional sides of writing. New posts arrive each week throughout the semester.

  • Navigating Writing Assignments

    Navigating Writing Assignments

    Assignments challenge students to find creative solutions to complex problems. Here’s why that’s good and how to embrace the challenge.

  • Think About Writing

    “Ten Ways to Think About Writing: Metaphoric Musing for College Writing Students,” there are different methods to better your writing.

  • How I Resonated With the Stereotypes of Writing

    Writing, as it stands, is a daunting task with constant rigidity in place, and too often, students feel suffocated with its “parameters.”

  • Ten Ways to Think about Writing: Metaphoric Musings for College Writing Students

    Learn how to create a strong writing, always have an audience that is engaged and interested in your writing, and how to respond to feedback.

  • How do you think about writing?

    How do you think about writing?

    We were taught plenty of ways to write when we were young, and those ways transpire to college writing as well. It makes us better writers!

  • Difficulties of writing:

    Difficulties of writing:

    Writing can be difficult, but by focusing on the main point and structuring your paper. Here are some tips to help improve your writing.

  • Writing with a Purpose

    Writing with a Purpose

    As writers we probably may have had writers block before. There are 3 writing principles that will make the writing process easier for us.