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Overview: Intro to Writing

Welcome to ENG 2020! As plans for the semester develop, this page will expand to include information about each aspect of the course.

This class is designed to give you experience thinking about and working with writing from the perspective of a writing-studies scholar. We’ll look at how literacy develops, how communities form around writing, how the writing process works, how technology influences writing, and how writers develop a professional identity.

Along the way, you’ll create a variety of documents that explore the different shapes writing can take.

Course Information

  • ENG 2020
  • Fall 2024 Meeting Times
    • Section 01: Tue/Thu 2:00–3:15p
    • Section 02: Thu 4:30–7:15p
  • Instructor Details:
    • Chris Friend (he/him)
    • CAS 325
    • Office hours (appointments strongly recommended):
      • Tue/Thu 10a – 12p
      • Wed 11a – 1p and 5p – 7p


Exploration of writing: its history and theoretical foundations, processes and purposes, careers and technologies. Experimentation with writing in a range of discourses: commercial; creative, informational, academic, personal, political, and technical.


Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Survey histories of oral and written communication 
  • Define and characterize writing as discourse 
  • Analyze and compare theoretical models of writing 
  • Distinguish among various purposes for writing 
  • Explore print and digital technologies for writing 
  • Network and workshop with peers and other writers 
  • Identify careers in writing 
  • Survey markets for writing 
  • Explore venues for publication and performance

Details About the Course

Besides this site, the following resources will help you feel connected as you go about the semester:

The semester begins Jan 2024. See you then!